You might not realise it yet, but Twitter is the most incredible place to network your way to a better career. Or at least, to learn more about the media industry.

Think about it, if you’re only six degrees of separation away from everyone without technology, then Twitter could make you just one degree of separation away from millions of people.

More and more people are using Twitter everyday and, once you’ve waded your way through the Beliebers, there’s a whole array of opportunities waiting for you.

We all know the media is one of the most competitive industries to get into, but it’s also a changing industry. Digital certainly seems to be the way forward and if you’re not aware of the news as it breaks then you will always be one step behind.

The lists of journalists and other media professionals are not intended to be used for obsessive stalking, but as a directory of useful tweeters who might sometimes tweet about their jobs or simply have interesting lives worthy of 140 characters. If you tweet them a careers question and they don’t reply, that’s fine, move on with your life.

I’m spending a lot of time researching these lists so please don’t just copy them onto your own site. You’re very welcome to posts links to my lists on yours or tweet me if you’ve got any further questions.

I hope this blog will serve as a resource for those wanting to utilise Twitter to learn more about pursuing a career in the media industry. You never know, it may even lead to you finding your dream job. Maybe.



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