Public Relations Companies

PR companies go hand in hand with Journalists. Love them or hate them, they’re the people who control a lot of what is written about. Some simply tweet their latest projects, others interact more and offer a greater insight into the world of PR. Here are some of the big names in the industry…

33 Digital – Consumer, Digital
3×1 – Consumer, Food, Retail, Leisure, Travel, Environmental

Anorak – Music
APR – Lifestyle
Atom – Homes, Interest, Gardens, Leisure
Azaria – Family
Babel – Technology, Media, Telecoms
Bay Tree – Homes, Gardens, Lifestyles, Interiors
Beauty Seen – Beauty
Beam – Technology, Gadgets, Toys
Beattie – Education, Environment, Food & Drink, Healthcare, Property, Retail, Social Media, Transport
Bite – Consumer
Bottle – Consumer, Corporate
Bottom Line – Consumer
Boudoir – Fashion, Health, Beauty
Brando World – Consumer
Brands2Life – Consumer, B2B, Corporate, Digital, Technology
Brave – Consumer
Bright One – Charity, Non-Profit, Community Ventures
Bright Young Things – Ethical, Voluntary, Public Sector
Bryan Morel – Fashion
Buffalo – Consumer, B2B
Chameleon – Technology
Champion – Digital, Media, Technology
Clear Comms – Consumer
Consolidated – Consumer, Corporate, Politcal, Digital
Covert – Music, Fine Art, Fashion
Cow – Consumer
Division – Music
Elemental – Consumer
Eloqui – Consumer
Essence – Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, Drink, TV, Film
Fever – Consumer
Fire – Consumer
Firefly – Consumer
Flavour – Food, Drink
Grayling – Consumer, Beauty, Food, Drink, Property, Travel, Leisure
Hall or Nothing – Music, Events
Halpern – Fashion, Beauty, Homes, Lifestyle
House – Digital, Entertainment
Iroquois – Fashion
Kaizo – Technology
Kaper – Consumer, Lifestyle
Kazoo – Consumer
Lewis – Digital, Technology, Consumer
Lexis – Consumer, Music, Sports, Health, Corporate
Limelight – B2B, Digital, Events
Lucre – Consumer
M&C Saatchi – Luxury Consumer, B2B
Man Bites Dog – B2B
The Media Foundry – Consumer, Corporate
Modus – Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle
Mustard – Technology, Mobile
Neil Reading – Entertainment, Chefs, Hotels
Octane – Consumer
One – Consumer
Owl Marketing – Consumer
Palamedes – Music, Fashion, Tourism, Books
Purple (Beauty) – Beauty
Purple (Music) – Music
Quite Great – Music, Entertainment, Retail
Rabbit – Social Media, Consumer
RAI – Consumer Electronics
Ranieri – Technology
RelativeMO – Fashion, Lifestyle
Rooster – Travel, Lifestyle
Seventy Nine – Consumer
Six Degrees – Technology
Skywrite – Consumer
Spada – Professional, Business, Legal, Financial
Spark – Technology
Speed Communications – Consumer, Corporate, Technology
Spreckley Partners – Consumer, Financial, B2B, IT
Storm – Food, Drink, Lifestyle, Exhibitions, Health, Packaging
Supersonic – Entertainment
Sweet – Health, Wellbeing, Beauty
Taylor Herring – Celebrity
Threepipe – Consumer, B2B
Truffle – Lifestyle, Social Media
Umpf – Social Media, Retail, Travel, Homes
We Are Social – Social Media, Digital, Consumer
Whiteoaks – Technology, IT, Telecoms
Wolfstar – Social Media, Consumer
Workitmedia – Music

As there are so many PR agencies out there, this list is very much a work in progress. Keep checking back to see the latest additions.


About catherineelaine

Digital-loving Linguistics graduate starting on a digital marketing grad scheme in Sept 2013.
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