Glossy Magazine Journalists

What is an Art Director and what does being a Features Editor involve? These Tweeters already know as they’re already in those positions…

Victoria White – Editor
Emma Justice – Deputy Editor
Sophie Qureshi – Beauty Editor
Clare Gill – Web Editor
Tracy Ramsden – Commissioning Editor
Marie-Claire Dorking – Features Editor
Samantha Flowers – Beauty Writer

Louise Court – Editor
Fiona Cowood – Features Director
Lizzi Hosking – Entertainment Director
Inge van Lotringen – Beauty Director
Shelly Vella – Fashion Director
Sairey Stemp – Fashion Editor
Pat McNulty – Web Editor
Jacqui Meddings – Assistant Celebrity Editor
Rosie Mullender – Senior Features Writer
Charlotte Pennington – Fashion Manager
Clare Smith – Junior Fashion Stylist
Kat Perriam – Features Writer
Cassie Powney – Beauty Assistant 

Jennifer Dickinson – Acting Editor
Emma Smith – Beauty Director
Tom Macklin – Entertainment Director
Alice Wignall – Features Director
Bonnie Rakhit – Market Editor
Sophie Gridley – Junior Sub-Editor
Amy Lawrenson – Beauty Writer
Suzanne Scott – Beauty Writer

Jo Elvin – Editor
James Conrad Williams – Associate Editor
Alessandra Steinherr – Beauty Director
Vicki Norton – Beauty & Lifestyle Editor
Scarlett Russell – Feautures and Entertainment Writer
Philippa Pearne – Beauty Writer
Sarah Jossel – Beauty Assistant

Jane Bruton – Editor
Hattie Brett – Assistant Editor
Lily-Maud Russo – Shopping Editor

Harper’s Bazaar
Lucy Yeomans – Editor
Katy Young – Deputy Health and Beauty Editor 

Lucie Cave – Editor
Boyd Hilton – TV and Reviews Editor
Ellen Kerry – Style Writer
Jo Hoare – Star Style Editor
Giselle Wainwright – Editorial Assistant 

Nadine Baggott – Beauty Editor

Eilidh MacAskill – Editor
Victoria Moss – Fashion Features Editor
Natalie Hartley – Senior Fashion Editor
Adele Chidwick – Art Director
Robyn Kotze – Senior Fashion Assistant
Annabelle Spranklin – Web Assistant

Sophie Beresiner – Beauty Editor
Gemma Calvert – Entertainment Editor
Hannah Eichler – Fashion Assistant
Lara Lain – Marketing Executive
Samantha Freedman – Beauty Assistant
Gemma Gow – Fashion News Assistant 

Marie Claire
Tanya Semikoz – Executive Fashion Editor
Lisa Oxenham – Beauty & Style Director

Jessica Hough – Beauty Writer
Cassie Steer – Beauty Writer
Lucia Debieux – Junior Fashion Editor
Justine Southall – Publishing Director 

Karen Buglass – Fashion Director
Charmian Harris – Beauty Director

Louise Chunn – Editor
Emine Ali Rushton – Beauty Director
Emily Phillips – Entertainment Editor

Sam Baker – Editor
Saska Graville – Deputy Editor
Jennifer Woods – Sub-Editor
Lindsay Frankel – Features Director
Nicola Rose – Fashion and Creative Director
Mary Norden – Interior and Food Director
Brigid Moss – Health Director
Alex Stedman – Senior Fashion Assistant

Amy Williams – Commissioning Editor
Sinead O’Connell – Junior Fashion Editor
Natalia Bagniewska – Fashion Assistant
Bella Blissett – Beauty Columnist
Bella Blissett – Beauty Columnist

This is obviously an ongoing list that is constantly being updated so keep checking back.


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